Permanent Unwanted Hair Removal for Life Long
without Side Effects... Guaranteed..

Women, who have hormone imbalance due to various reasons during different stages of their life, face the challenge of unwanted hair growth on their cheek, upper lip and other parts of their body, which gives them a lot of negative feelings and lack of confidence. Many would keep this hiding by plucking the unwanted hair or by shaving it off. This aggravates the problem by multiple growth and a stage will come hiding of the unwanted hair growth becomes impossible.

Electrolysis is the only type of hair removal approved by the FDA as a permanent method of removing hair. For women with PCOS, electrolysis is a great option to permanently get rid of thick hair that often grows on their face, chest, and back. Here is what you need to know before having electrolysis.

  • Taniya Mathew

    Chartered Accountant

    I knew about LiLi through one of their promotion material displayed on the notice board of the hostel where I stay. By profession I am a chartered accountant. My problem with excessive hair on my face and body has been treated by the professionally trained electrology specialists of LiLi. It is marvellous; they did it and during most of the serious I fell asleep, because there was no pain at all.

    I am relieved and happy that all my excessive hair growth is completely and permanently stopped.

  • Dr. Remya Ramakrishnan


    I am a qualified Ayurveda doctor and I know that there is no remedy for permanently stopping hair growth from human body, other than electrolysis hair removal.

    I was on the lookout for a professionally run electrolysis clinic, then comes the solution, Sherly Kollannur, Chief Consultant Electrologist appear before me as a patient for a course of ayurvedic massage.

    I love to undergo treatment under Sherly Kollannur, a true electrology professional who has over 27 years of experience practicing electrolysis. Other electrology specialists have also treated me and I can assure that all of them are skilled professionals, holding Diploma in Scientific Electrolysis (DSE) offered by LASE Academy promoted by LiLi.

  • Renu Elsa Abraham


    I am a public relation executive and my necessity to appear professional is my job requirement.

    For getting rid of excess hair growth on my face, I was resorting to plucking and thus resulted in extra growth of hair and finally I started shaving. Of late only I came to know about electrolysis permanent hair removal. On research I came to understand LiLi is a professionally run clinic. I started my treatment with LiLi and I am fully satisfied with their professional approach.